Swatches + Review: Revlon Parfumerie Nail Polish – Surf Spray

How is it already December? I hope everyone had a safe and fantastic Thanksgiving holiday (for those of you who celebrate). It feels like forever since I had a post but after Thanksgiving dinner, most of our family got sick with some superbug that we contracted from our baby nephew.  He pretty much wiped out three families! Talk about a super baby.  But thankfully I’m feeling much better than I did on Saturday.  I pretty much felt like death, which is how J is feeling right now.  We didn’t do any Black Friday shopping.  I’d rather avoid hoards of rabid people fighting each other for door buster deals and live another day.  We also don’t believe in shopping on Thanksgiving day to save money, kind of defeats the purpose of Thanksgiving.  Are we the only people that think that?  But I did order a Cambridge Two Tier Serving Tray from Crate and Barrel for Cyber Monday, nothing Disney or beauty related but I’ve been wanting a serving tray like that for a while and it was 15% off and a 16gb memory card for my PSVita for $20 from Amazon, such a steal!

Enough rambling and onto the review!

I’ve had ample time to test the formula of these Revlon Parfumerie nail polishes.  They are a new permanent collection from Revlon.  I originally bought three shades: Italian Leather, Surf Spray, and Autumn Spice but unfortunately I had to return Autumn Spice.  I’ll get to that later.  I’ve already tested both Italian Leather and Surf Spray and I’m really impressed with the formula and application.

Revlon Parfumerie Surf Spray

Retails: $5.99 at Rite Aid
Photographed in sunlight, without top coat

I originally went in with only Italian Leather and Autumn Spice in mind, but when I saw Surf Spray in stores I immediately picked it up.  It is such a gorgeous blue with some purple reflects and I think it’s a good alternative for a holiday nail if you want something aside from Christmas red.  I wanted to wear this more for Christmas but since I had to return Autumn Spice I had no choice but to use it sooner.  I kid you not, the next day after I painted my nails this shade I got so many compliments from people saying how much they like this color. And throughout the week, people kept commenting on this polish.  I haven’t gotten so many “likes” since I wore Disney Wickedly Beautiful polish in Ocean Mist.

The scent of this is very much how I envision a word like “surf” would smell like.  It’s not really the scent of the ocean or sea, but more like the clean, crisp scent you would get if the wind blew by you on the beach and you caught the faint smell of surf spray.  It smells pretty nice and very aptly named.  The scent lasted about three days and then it pretty much wore off after that.  Italian Leather lasted longer.

For this I used about three thin coats to achieve full opacity.  You could get away with two, but I used a third one for good measure.  I think if you apply it with a thicker coat, two would be just fine.


Application after 1 week

You can see that the application holds up really well.  There was only slight fading at the tips and a little part on my index finger chipped off.  But other than that, it’s worn beautifully and I’m really impressed with how the formula holds up.  I would say for both Italian Leather and Surf Spray, the nail polish has a semi-matte finish.  It’s actually not very shiny at all, considering the tiny glitters that are in the polish.  With a top coat, it would probably look even more amazing but I wanted to test the polish itself.  I’m actually not big on top coat, but that’s another story.  Italian Leather also performed in the same, but J went to Europe during the time I had that polish on.  I tried to take a picture using my other camera but the quality wasn’t good at all, so I don’t have pictures of it yet.  I’ll hopefully get around to doing that soon.

One word of caution when purchasing these polishes is to check the bottle when you get home (or in stores…).  This is what happened to my Autumn Spice.  The brush basically just detached from the top and I didn’t realize it was defective until a few weeks later when I went to use it, which is why I had to return it.  I think Rite Aid, CVS, and Walgreens all have very good return/exchange policies so if you buy something that is faulty or the product doesn’t work for you, they are happy to exchange or return it.  I would have just exchanged it for another but they didn’t have one in stock.  I just got a return and if I ever see it in stores, I’ll pick it up again.  But you can see from this how beautiful Autumn Spice looks and how excited I was to wear it for Thanksgiving, but alas my plans were foiled.

All in all, I really like these new Revlon Parfumerie polishes.

Until our next adventure,



3 responses to “Swatches + Review: Revlon Parfumerie Nail Polish – Surf Spray

  1. These nail polishes look so good and they last really well too! I haven’t seen this line here in Australia yet but when they come out, I’m definitely going to try them out. Hope the lid/brush doesn’t detach though!

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