Swatches + Review: Fantasy in Flight Nail Polish – Something Sassy

It’s been a really busy past few months with all the moving and I started school again so I haven’t had as much time to blog as I’d like (what else is new?).  But today is my day off and I’ve had this post queued for a while now.

Along with the other nail polish from the Fantasy in Flight collection, I also picked up a glitter polish called Something Sassy.  It is a deep brassy gold dense glitter polish with medium and fine glitters.  It’s a little hard to describe the undertones of this polish but it’s really sparkly and pretty.  Sometimes it flashes a pale pink, almost rosy color.  I actually used it for a manicure I wore in which I was trying to emulate the feel of pixie dust.

OPI - Privacy Please

Disney Beautifully Fantasy in Fight – Something Sassy
Retails: $11.95
OPI – Privacy Please

I also bought this for $11.95 which I also cannot really justify the price.  It is a beautiful polish though and I was looking for something exactly like this so I’m still glad I bought it, it’s just ridiculously expensive for what it is.

Something Sassy manicure

The glitter polish held up really well, I had this manicure on for about a week before seeing any cracks or peeling.  Probably because glitter polish is a pain to remove anyway, it helps keep the longevity of the manicure.  I used a makeup sponge to diffuse the glitter onto my nails to keep it more whimsical and airy.  And I chose to pair it with a pale pink base for a more feminine look.  You can still see my nail line after about 4 coats of OPI Privacy Please (I normally use it for french manicures).

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