Swatches + Review: Wickedly Beautiful Nail Polish

All products in this review were paid for with my own money.

Thank goodness it’s Friday.  With the weekend just around the corner and spring break quickly approaching, seems like Disneyland’s going to have a bumpin’ few weeks.  Note to self: avoid visiting these coming weeks. Who am I kidding? Nothing will stop me from going to Disney.  Even if the parks are crowded, we still find amusement in browsing the shops inside the parks and at Downtown Disney.  The new Disney Beautifully collection is a makeup line exclusive to the Disney brand which include eyeshadow palettes, lip glosses, nail polish, and cosmetic bags.  My heart flutters, my wallet cries.  As if I need more reason to hand Disney my money.  Of course I couldn’t pass up on picking up a few items from this season’s limited edition collection, Wickedly Beautiful.

An assortment of colors and formulas

Wickedly Beautiful nail polish includes an assortment of colors and formulas

Admittedly, I skipped on the nail polish when I went to the launch for Beautifully.  I have more polishes than I can shake a stick at, so I only purchased the Enchanted Kiss palette and a few princess glosses (more to come for that).  However my curiosity got the best of me and I caved.  Hello Ocean Mist and Off to the Ball, my nail polish collection welcomes you.

Off to the Ball is Cinderella's signature blue and Ocean Mist is a mermaid green

Off to the Ball is Cinderella’s signature blue and Ocean Mist is a mermaid green.
Retail: $8.95

I am really impressed with the quality of these nail polishes! For the price, I don’t think they lose to OPI or essie.  Off to the Ball is a light blue, creme nail polish while Ocean Mist is a yellow-green glitter polish.  I would say for Ocean Mist, two coats is sufficient for full opacity, however Off to the Ball requires at least 3.  I love that Disney approached Ariel’s nail polish by bringing back the traditional mermaid green.  So many “mermaid” polishes fall into teal territory, it’s refreshing to see green.  It reflects Ariel’s tail so nicely.

Left: First day applying the polish.  Right: 3rd day of wear

Left: First day applying the polish. Right: 3rd day of applying Ocean Mist

Off to the Ball

Off to the Ball

As you can see, Ocean Mist wears more beautifully than Off to the Ball does.  Unfortunately after the 3rd day of wearing the polish, Off to the Ball peeled at the corners while Ocean mist only had minimal fading at the nail tips.  Off to the Ball is still a lovely Cinderella blue and I have nothing similar to it in my collection but it requires a little more work and maintenance.  I did not use a top coat for any of these pictures (truthfully I forgot).  I received SO many compliments at work with this manicure.  The mermaid green caught everyone’s eye.

I really love the polishes I picked up, albeit I did run into some trouble with staying power for Off to the Ball.  Of the two, I definitely love Ocean Mist more.  The glitter catches the light really well and sparkles and glimmers.  The collection runs the gamut on finishes from cremes to hex glitters so whether you want to tap into your inner villainess or feel pretty at the ball, there’s a polish for everyone.

Which polish must make it into your collection? If you’ve tried them out and loved/hated them, please let us know!

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