Disney Dining #1 – Carnation Cafe

We’ve always wanted to get breakfast at Disney but most of the time we’re so preoccupied with getting fast passes for/sitting on attractions, we always opt to eat lunch or dinner instead.  One of the things we REALLY want to do is go to the character breakfast/meal.  One day.  When we went during Christmas time, I made it a point to eat breakfast at Carnation Cafe.  It wasn’t very busy on the day we went, and we got breakfast close to 11am.  It took about 5 minutes to get seated, though they said it would be about 15-20 minutes.  I’ve heard good things about the breakfast and also you get to see/meet Disney legend, Oscar while dining there.

Oscar's Breakfast

Oscar’s Breakfast with chicken apple sausage

Mickey Mouse Belgian Waffle

Mickey waffle with chicken apple sausage

Of course, no Disney breakfast is complete without getting the Mickey waffle.  In retrospect one of us should have gotten the hickory-smoked bacon but we felt like sausage that day, I guess.  Anyway, the waffle was really delicious.  I was scared it would be sweet, but it had the perfect amount of sweetness without being like a dessert.  It was really crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Oscar’s namesake breakfast is no joke, his potatoes are deservedly famous.  I could eat an entire plateful of those potatoes, which was the star of the plate.  While we were busy enjoying our breakfast, Oscar came out to greet all the customers and we got the chance to talk to him.  We were so excited because I really wanted to see/meet him for myself.  He’s like a Disneyland celebrity.  Even people would say “Hi, Oscar!” in passing, it was a pretty amazing experience.

If you want to get some delicious breakfast and geek out to meeting Oscar, I would definitely check out Carnation Cafe.

Until our next adventure,



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