Swatches + Review: New Wet n Wild Color Icon 5 Pan Eyeshadow Palette – The Naked Truth

I went to CVS to see what items are on clearance for their end of the year sale, and when I was there I found a display of the new 2014 Wet n Wild products.  I was under the impression that these weren’t going to launch until after the new year, so I was pleasantly surprised to find them in stores.  Out of all the new Color Icon 5-pan palettes, the only one I picked up was The Naked Truth.  Surprise, surprise.  I really wanted to give the other palettes a shot, but after seeing them in person I really couldn’t get myself to buy any other ones because I didn’t feel like the colors were all that useable to me.

Wet n Wild launched five new Color Icon 5-pan palettes: one in purple/pinks, blues, black/greys, bright colors, and the neutral one.  The one in the purple/pink had some really bright looking pinks that I don’t think would be flattering on me and the same with the blue palette.  I’m not a particularly black/grey smokey eye person so I skipped on that and I have no need for a bright multicolored palette.

I also picked up 4 of the balm stains, but I haven’t done lip swatches for that yet.  So I will try to get that done as soon as possible.  As a first impressions, I am really impressed with them.

Wet n Wild The Naked Truth

The Naked Truth
Retails: $4.19

It retailed $4.19 in my area, but it might be different depending on where and from who you buy it from.  I think it’s safe to say these retail at around $3.99.  There was also a $1 off coupon sticker on this so I really got it for around $3, which is not bad.

Wet n Wild The Naked Truth Swatch

Swatched in sunlight
No Primer
From (L) to (R) Base, Browbone, Eyelid, Crease, Definer shades

The Naked Truth comes with with two matte colors, one satin finishes, and two shimmery.  In this particular palette, the base and definer shades are matte.  The eyelid and browbone are satin and the crease color is shimmery.  I swatched it in the order of lightest to darkest, I didn’t follow how it is sectioned in the palette.  The one good thing about Wet n Wild is that even though they’ve come out with neutral palettes in the past, they are good about not really repeating any previous colors.  I looked in my collection to see if there were any repeats and there were none that I could see.

The base color of this trio looks like Wet n Wild Brulee but when I swatched them, Brulee actually looks more peachy than the the Base color in The Naked Truth.  Either way, I love a matte highlight for my brow bone, which is what I use the base for.  The browbone color is a pale shimmering grey.  The eyelid color is cool-toned taupey brown, the crease is a warm-toned coppery brown with some shimmers and the definer is a dark matte brown.  When compared to the 6-pan Color Icon palette, the 5-pan pigmentation pales in comparison.  The shadows in The Naked Truth are buildable, however the pigmentation in the discontinued 6-pan palettes is so much better.  It is more a one-swipe, BAM-you-get-color, type of deal.  The texture of these shadows are little more chalky and not as smooth.  That being said, I will still find use for The Naked Truth since the colors are very neutral and I can see it being an everyday palette.  And for me, sometimes it’s better if I build up pigmentation so that it’s more giving when it comes to mistakes.

I wore this to the Macklemore concert and I had my makeup on for about 7 hours.  At the end of the night, despite all the jumping I did, these shadows did not crease.  Any time shadows don’t crease on me, it’s a win.  I don’t think I have especially oily lids, but some shadows (like Maybelline) will crease like crazy!  I also wore this to work and at the end of my 6 hour shift, it also did not crease.  I haven’t tried this over primer yet, but I’m sure the pigmentation will be better when used over a primer or base.

Overall I like the palette, I’m not wowed by it.  I don’t think I’ll be picking any other 5-pan palettes up because I don’t think they are that wearable to me.  I’ll still use this but the quality of the 6-pan palette (like Vanity) were much better.  I do quite like the new Balm Stains though.  I will try to get a review up as soon as possible.

Until our next adventure,



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