Review: The Icing Long Kabuki Brush & Contoured Powder Brush

I found these brushes a while back at The Icing. We just walked in to see what jewelry they had and we found a makeup section at the back of the store. First of all, it must’ve been a long time since I’ve been to an Icing because they’ve totally revamped the inside. It looks all snazzy and more modern.  They were having a BOGO 1/2 off sale on the makeup brushes and when I felt these brushes they were so soft so I decided why the heck not.  I need some new face brushes anyway.
the icing brushes

The two brushes I got were the Long Kabuki Brush and the Contoured Powder Brush. They are from the Bamboo line, The Icing had other brushes also, they had the Expert line of brushes at the store as well.

the icing contoured powder brush

Contoured Powder Brush
Retails: $7.50

the icing long kabuki brush

Long Kabuki Brush
Retails: $7.50

These brushes are so so soft and the bristles are synthetic fibers.  Let’s start off the the Contoured Powder Brush.  I wanted a brush I could use to fit into the contours of my face for bronzing.  I thought since the Contoured Powder Brush comes to a taper at the end, it would be perfect for getting into the contours of my face.  It actually does a pretty good job at contouring, but the bristles are so soft I would have loved it even more if the bristles were a little stiffer.  I feel if they had more give it would apply the powder more precisely.  That would be the only complaint I have for the Contoured Powder Brush.  It does nicely to apply bronzer and blush but had the bristles been more stiff, it would’ve been perfect!  I think you can also use it to apply some face powder to the T-Zone.  Still not bad at $7.50 plus it’s BOGO 1/2 off.

The Long Kabuki Brush is a pretty giant brush (for my face at least).  It is about two times bigger compared to my Physician’s Formula Travel Kabuki.  The bristles on this brush is more dense and stiff, yet it still feels soft.  The Physician’s Formula Travel Kabuki feels more stiff.  I pretty much use The Icing Long Kabuki to apply face powder all over my face.  Since the brush head is so big, it’s harder to get into the area under my eyes.  For that I turn it onto it’s side and use the edge to get into the corners.  It applies powder pretty well and I’ve been using this brush pretty much every single time to apply my face powder.  It gives a nice finish.

I haven’t experience any shedding with these brushes yet.  I have yet to wash them, so I can’t attest to how well they will hold up after, but when applying product to my face I don’t notice any shedding at all.  I’m actually really impressed with these brushes that I want to try more from this line.  It actually isn’t that much cheaper than brushes you can get at the drugstore.  They are priced about the same.  If you find these in stores, definitely give some of the a try or at the very least just feel how soft the bristles are.

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