Swatches + First Impressions: Disney Frozen Lip Gloss

On the Disney website it said Frozen Lip Balms.  I was all excited when I found out it was lip balms, because who doesn’t love cute little characters on the cap?! When J and I went into the store to find it, they were actually lip glosses.  Why would they do that to me? Anyway, we still got it anyway because they are too cute to pass up and we made a special trip out to the mall to find these.

Frozen Lip Gloss

Frozen Lip Gloss

Retails: $9.99

The glosses come with Elsa, Anna, a snowflake, and Olaf.  There isn’t much product in each gloss, they contain 0.04 oz each.  For comparison, these To-ki-o Treat lip glosses contain 0.27 oz of product.  So you can see there really is hardly any product.  Most of the space gets taken up by the doe foot applicator.

I have yet to really use these, but so this is really just a first impressions thing.

Frozen Lip Gloss swatches

Swatched in sunlight
From (L) to (R) Elsa, Anna, Snowflake, Olaf

Frozen Lip Gloss

Closer look at the glitters in the gloss

These glosses have big chunks of glitter strewn throughout and you can see they are pretty much clear with a very slight hint of color.  The most “pigmented” of the bunch would be the snowflake and Olaf.  I applied the snowflake gloss on and the glitters look more prominent on the lips than on my arm.  These are definitely geared more towards little girls as play makeup.  There is a hint of a fruity scent, but it’s very faint.  Nothing like to-ki-o treats which straight up smells like cake.

I think these make a pretty good stocking stuffer for little girls, especially since Anna and Elsa are new official princesses.  Which little girl wouldn’t want such a cute set of glosses? It’s, for some reason, sold out online even by the time we went out to buy them.  So definitely look for these in Disney stores.  When we went there were still two in stock.

We still haven’t seen Frozen yet (blasphemy!) but I’m so so glad it got excellent reviews.  Disney’s had a revival of all sorts and that makes me a happy camper.  Now can it be December 13 already? I also want to watch Saving Mr. Banks!

Until our next adventure,





2 responses to “Swatches + First Impressions: Disney Frozen Lip Gloss

    • I really want to! Maybe I can watch it tonight. I heard lots of great things about it, so I’m so excited. I also really want to watch Saving Mr. Banks! So many good movies.

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