Swatches + Review: Sinful Colors Holiday Collection 2013 Decorate Decadently Glitz and Glittered

Back in October, I hauled some Sinful Colors nail polish from the holiday Decorate Decadently collection and today I’m going to go over the ones I picked up.  I mainly got the glitter topcoats (you can never have enough) and one metallic nail polish from this collection.  Everything else I skipped on, but will probably regret it sometime in the future.

Decorate Decandently Holiday Collection 2013

From (L) to (R) Decadent, Full Spectrum, Sapphired Up, Glittery in Pink
Retail: $1.99

I’m just going to go over the glitter topcoats in this post.  I’ll have a separate one for Triple Platinum that will be up in a couple of days.  I’m rarely ever disappointed by Sinful Colors nail polish so I knew that anything I pick up would be pretty good.  I’ve tested Decadent and Sapphired Up, but I only swatched Glittery in Pink and Full Spectrum.  I feel like if you know how one is, all the others are bound to follow.

Sapphired Up Swatch

Sapphired Up Swatch

I obviously took these two pictures at different times.  I originally only took the second picture, but I thought it’d be useful to see the glitter on bare nails to see the glitter to hex ratio and how dense the glitters are.  J used Sapphired Up as the topcoat to her nails for our Halloween costumes this year, since she went as Minun.  One thing about Sapphired Up is that the hex glitters can pucker a little.  If you can see from the ring finger, there’s a chunk of glitter that is concave up.

Glittery in Pink and Decadent swatch

index and ring finger – Decadent
middle and pinky finger – Glittery in Pink

decadent swatch

Decadent on top of Sally Hansen Runway Red-y

Decadent has raspberry colored glitters in it and Glittery in Pink has pink glitters.  Sapphired Up, Decadent, and Glittery in Pink all have the same glitters, just different colors.  I don’t know why, but whenever I use red or raspberry glitter topcoats on top of a red polish, it always reminds me of strawberries.  This happens with China Glaze Ring in the Red also.  On that subject, Decadent and China Glaze Ring in the Red are not similar to each other, Decadent is much more sparse and raspberry colored while Ring in the Red is more dense.

Glittery in Pink looks like it can be a dupe for Essie Luxeffects A Cut Above.  I don’t own A Cut Above, but while I was at Walgreens the two polishes happen to be next to each other.

Essie A Cut Above vs. Sinful Colors Glittery in Pink

It looks like the Essie one might be more densely packed and may have more hex glitters without fishing for it, but that’s just based on observations.  I don’t own any Essie Luxeffects, but in person Glittery in Pink looks almost identical to Essie.

full spectrum swatch

Lastly is Full Spectrum which I think may be my favorite of all the ones I got. I hope you can see from this picture but it has really pretty almost holographic tiny glitters in between larger pink hex glitters.  All the other ones had the same colored fine and hex glitters, but this one changes it up a bit and incorporates two different colors.  It looks so pretty on the nails.

Guess that’s it! These should still be available at Walgreens since it’s for the holidays and if you see the display pick some up!

Until our next adventure,



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