Swatches + Review: Disney Beautifully Fiery Spirit 2013 Lipglosses (Compared to Revlon)

It seemed like FOREVER ago since this collection was released, and I just got around to getting this up.  The good news is that Disney retailers all over the park and at Vault 28 at Downtown Disney is still selling all shades of the lip glosses and cosmetics for that matter.  If you see anything, there is still time to pick it up.  I’m not sure how “limited” they are, but it seems like Disney wants to keep it a house brand of cosmetics for park goers (and non-park goers) to enjoy.

I didn’t do this for the other glosses I bought from Beautifully Disney, but these colors really reminded me of the Revlon Super Lustrous lip glosses, so I did a comparison of the two.

Fiery Spirit Fall 2013 Lip Glosses

(L) to (R) Whispering Wind, Do You Trust Me?, Lotus Blossom, Change Your Fate
Retail : $14.95

revlon super lustrous lip glosses

(L) to (R) Nude Lustre, Coral Reef, Pink Pop, Firecracker
Retails: $5-99-$7.99

I honestly don’t know why I keep buying these, they really aren’t that spectacular. But I still bought ALL the glosses from the Fiery Spirit collection.  It must be because I actually liked all the colors and it featured some of my favorite princesses.  Anyway, like all the other glosses, these feel gritty when pressing your lips together.  Which is weird because Do You Trust Me? (Jasmine) and Lotus Blossom (Mulan) look pretty matte to me.  I don’t know why there would be grittiness to it.  Although I don’t think there’s anything completely special about these glosses, I rather like the pigmentation I get off them.  The consistency of the glosses are a little thin and watery.  It definitely doesn’t feel as sticky or viscous as the Revlon ones.

Onto the swatches:

pocahontas whispering wind vs nude lustre

(L) to (R) Pocahontas Whispering Wind vs. Revlon Nude Lustre

Whispering Wind is a little more pink based and Nude Lustre is more nude, if that makes any sense.  You can see that Nude Lustre is a little more neutral.  I actually quite like Whispering Wind on top of lipsticks, it doesn’t really alter the color too much since it’s a little pink but just neutralizes it just enough to make it shiny and pretty.  Whispering Wing feels the most comfortable on the lips and doesn’t feel as gritty as other Beautifully glosses.

jasmine do you trust me vs coral reef

(L) to (R) Jasmine Do You Trust Me? vs. Revlon Coral Reef

Do You Trust Me? and Coral Reef look quite similar upon swatching but they are slightly different.  Do You Trust Me? is more a pinky coral whereas Coral Reef is an orange coral.  On the lips you can see that Do You Trust Me? leans more pink and is actually brighter in person.  Do You Trust Me? is a little streaky on application and I really needed to pat it into my lips to achieve uniformity.

mulan lotus blossom vs revlon pink pop

(L) to (R) Mulan Lotus Blossom vs. Revlon Pink Pop

Lotus Blossom and Pink Pop also look quite similar on the arm swatches, but like the Jasmine gloss, Lotus Blossom goes on a lot brighter than Pink Pop.  Although Pink Pop looks pretty opaque on the arm, it goes on glossier on the lips.  Lotus Blossom also has a hint more neon than Pink Pop.  Lotus Blossom also needed to be pat in to get full opacity and to eliminate the uneven application.

merida change your fate vs revlonfirecracker

(L) to (R) Merida Change Your Fate vs. Revlon Firecracker

Perhaps the most different is Change Your Fate and Revlon’s Firecracker.  In the tube, they look similar but on application you can see that Change Your Fate is more a fiery red whereas Firecracker is orange.  I feel like I wanted Firecracker to be what Change Your Fate is.  I actually quite like Change Your Fate, I think the color is really flattering and it’s bold without being too noticeable.  On the lips, FIrecracker really just looks like a shiny gloss and there’s not too much color payoff.

comparison of disney beautifully to revlon super lustrous lip gloss

Comparison of Fiery Spirit vs. Revlon Super Lustrous lip gloss

I’m sorry for all the weird lighting issues.  It’s been a little overcast here recently with the changing weather and as I swatched the later glosses, I lost some of the sunlight.  I try to be as uniform as possible, but I hope it still helps anyone who is trying to gauge what the colors of each gloss looks like.

Overall, the Revlon Super Lustrous glosses definitely live up to their name of being extremely glossy (see Pink Pop above) and are quite smooth on the lips.  They are still one of my favorite glosses to use.  I wish the Beautifully glosses didn’t feel so gritty on the lips.  It’s weird to me that it would be gritty because to the naked eye, some shades look completely matte like Lotus Blossom and Do You Trust Me? but they still maintain that same gritty texture.  They are definitely less glossy than the Revlon ones, and if you already have these Revlon colors I don’t think you really need to pick any others up.  I would say Change Your Fate is worth looking into because it does provide a good amount of pigmentation and the color is a flattering fiery red.

Until our next adventure,



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