Nails of the Week: Revlon – Peach Smoothie

Back in the day, I let my friend borrow Revlon Minted. I never asked for it back thinking that I could just buy it again when I remembered to since it’s not very expensive anyway. Little did I know a few months after that Minted was discontinued (why?!) and I couldn’t find it at any retail store. Luckily for me, my sister was at school in a small town at the time, and she found Minted packaged with three other nail polishes at Ross or Marshall and bought it for me.

peach smoothie nail art

Revlon Peach Smoothie

I believe all the colors in the pack are discontinued shades, so you might not be able to find them at stores, but maybe they will show up at Big Lots or packaged together at TJ Maxx or Marshalls. Anyway, I used Revlon Peach Smoothie for nail art.  Excuse the awful lighting in that picture above, I took it at night so the lighting was not great.

I was really disappointed with Peach Smoothie.  It is a pale peach color with some golden sparkles in it.  I used it for the first time ever.  In the bottle shot, the nail polish leans a little more orange but I think the camera caught more of the sparkles than the base color.  It looks more like the peach/pink in the picture above.

More often than not, when I feel like doing nail art, I get these ideas close to bed time, meaning I don’t have a lot of time to sit around and wait for my nails to dry.  But Peach Smoothie applied really thickly and it took about 4 coats of polish for it to look relatively decent, and by that time the coats looked extremely thick.  If you can see from the picture, the nail polish bubbled on me and it was quite disastrous.

This is also my first time using Revlon scented nail polish.  It’s supposed to smell like Peach after it dries down, but I didn’t detect any scent.  It just smelled like nail polish to me.  I don’t really care about things like that though because I never really expect it to work that well.  I’m more concerned about application, staying power, and the color selection.

peach smoothie bottle shot

Peach Smoothie, striping tape, and nail jewels

It might have been my problem, because I didn’t let each coat fully dry but I was not too impressed with Peach Smoothie.  I really wanted to like it, with a name like Peach Smoothie it has to be good!  But maybe there is a reason why the color was discontinued.

Until our next adventure,



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