Swatches + Review: Wet n Wild LE Tough Girl – Enlisting for Beauty

This is probably old, but in case anyone finds this trio laying around their local drugstore like I did, I thought it’d be useful to put up anyway.  Earlier in the Fall, Wet n Wild released a Tough Girl collection alongside the new trio collection.  I didn’t find it at the time, but I did see a full display at CVS about a week ago.  The only one I wanted was Enlisting for Beauty and Wet n Wild happened to be 40% off that week so I got this trio and mascara for $1.79!

enlisting for beauty

I haven’t used the mascara yet, mainly because I think it’s not waterproof and so it’ll virtually do nothing for my lashes.  But I shouldn’t knock it before I see for myself.  I just haven’t had a chance to test it yet, though I don’t have high hopes.  The trio on the other hand is really awesome.

Enlisting for Beauty swatch


I’m sorry for the kind of crappy lighting.  It’s been a little overcast recently so I haven’t had much luck with lighting.  Hopefully it’ll still translate in the picture.  The trio comes with a matte light tan brow bone color, a matte dark brown, and a satiny-matte khaki green color.  The highlight color doesn’t show up too well on my skin, I swatched it to the right of the dark brown.  The khaki and the dark brown are pretty pigmented.  The khaki-green color is pretty unique, it looks a little taupe/khaki with some green undertones.  It has some sheen in the pan, but on the lids it pretty much looks matte.  On the lids this trio can actually come off quite smokey.  These shadows did not crease on me at all during a 9 hour shift.  I did see slight fading of the color by the end of my shift.  I quite like this and was definitely more impressed than Greys Matter from the other collection.  I’m glad I got it and for $1.79 no less!

Until our next adventure,




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