Swatches + Review: Sally Hansen Triple Shine – Pearly Whites, Scale Up & Selena Gomez for Nicole by OPI- Heavenly Angel

During a random trip to Walgreens to pick up some Sinful Colors, J saw the new Sally Hansen display and naturally we picked up a couple polishes.  She was looking forward to this collection because she wanted the flakie polishes.  The two colors we got are Pearly Whites and Scale Up.  Before the collection came out, I bought the Selena Gomez for Nicole by OPI polish in Heavenly Angel at Kmart.  When I got home, Pearly Whites and Heavenly Angel actually look exactly the same in the bottle, but on the nails they are really quite different.

sally hansen triple shine scale up and pearly whites

(L) to (R) Sally Hansen Triple Shines Pearly Whites and Scale Up

The cap for these nail polishes come off.  Actually, I think you have to take it off first before you can twist off the cap.  I’ve tried to do it all in one move, but it’s really hard so I end up having to take the top off.  I’m not bothered by it.  You get 10ml in the bottle for about $5.  I think the ‘standard’ size for nail polishes is 15ml, so you get a little less for your money.

Sally Hansen - Pearly White Selena Gomez by OPI - Heavenly Angel

Sally Hansen – Pearly White Retails: $4.49
Selena Gomez for Nicole by OPI – Heavenly Angel Retails: 6.99

As you can see from the picture, these two nail polishes look pretty identical.  But even so, I wanted to see which of the two was a better polish.

Selena Gomez for Nicole by OPI and Sally Hansen Triple Shine comparison

Sally Hansen Triple Shine (index) and Selena Gomez for Nicole by OPI (ring) comparison

I hope you can see from this swatch, it was so hard to photograph for some reason! The dimensions wouldn’t translate into the photo.  Anyway, you can see that Pearly Whites and Heavenly Angel on the nail actually look really different.  The Selena Gomez polish has chunkier flakies while the Sally Hansen one has a little bit more refined, smaller flakies.  The color of the flakies on the Selena Gomez one leans much more blue and green while Sally Hansen has orange and purples.  It’s so weird that they can look identical in the bottle but turn out so differently on the nails.  I’d have to say I like the Sally Hansen one better.  Because the flakies are not as chunky, it’s easier to apply to the nails without it looking… well chunky.  The Selena Gomez ones doesn’t lay as flat on the nails as it should and sometimes the clear coat will get pushed out by the flakies and kind of settle around the glitter.

Scale Up Sally Hansen Triple Shine swatch

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Scale Up swatch

I don’t know why this one was so hard to photograph.  Maybe it was my choice of base coat, I thought black would bring out the colors of the top coat better.  This polish is less flakie and more composed of green and golden glitters.  You get a little piece of flakies here and there.  The one thing about these polishes, in general, is that you have to fish a little for the glitter pieces that you want.  It’s hard to get the right ratio of glitter to flakie in one brush stroke.  I do enjoy these Triple Shine polishes though.  The flakies lie pretty flat on the nails and I barely had any problems with it puckering up, but some pieces around the edges of my nails did poke up a little.  I don’t know about the other finishes in this line, but I’m quite enjoying the flakie polishes.  I think they have a variety of colors to choose from and it doesn’t cost a fortune to get.  Can’t say I feel the same about the Selena Gomez for Nicole by OPI polish.  I don’t know about any other polish in this collection but the flakie polish disappointed me.  it was so chunky and peeled after a couple days because the flakies would not lay flat.

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3 responses to “Swatches + Review: Sally Hansen Triple Shine – Pearly Whites, Scale Up & Selena Gomez for Nicole by OPI- Heavenly Angel

  1. I saw the new Sally Hansen Triple Shine polishes here too and I scooped up several of them right off the bat. I was afraid they were to be limited edition. Now I am reading from several bloggers they are to be a core line. Yay! Any way, they had so many gorgeous polishes to choose from and I had a hard time not getting them all. Not all at once anyway. 😉

    • Have you tried them yet? Let me know how they are! I’m kinda of the fence about getting other colors because I have so many! I really don’t need anymore. I heard from other bloggers that it’s a core line too, which is better for us so we don’t have to fight to the death for them. 🙂

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