Nails of the Week: Sinful Colors – Loose Leather

I think I’ve skipped on a few Minnie Mani’s these past few weeks. With 40+ hrs of work, I barely have time to get anything done! Thankfully, I have a few hours today to get this in.


You can see my camera in the reflection, the bottle is just too shiny! I couldn’t take it at an angle where I wouldn’t show up.

I picked up Loose Leather from Sinful Colors Luxe Leather collection that released sometime in the Fall 2013. I haven’t been going into any drugstores recently so I don’t know if it’s still out since I know the holiday displays are popping up, but hopefully you can still find this if you want it.

This is the only color I picked up from this collection, but I’m pretty sure I’m kicking myself now for not getting the grey one also. The other colors I feel like I have something similar to it already, but isn’t this the story of everyone’s collecting life? You always convince yourself you don’t need another burgundy and the more you look into, the less you think you have that color. By the time you go back to look for it, it’s already gone. Happens to me ALL THE TIME. You’d think I’d learn by now.

Sinful Colors Loose Leather

Sinful Colors Loose Leather

Loose Leather was the only color that was really different.  It’s a reddish-brown color with some flecks of gold, green, and a little bit of red in it.  It’s a pretty complex color and perfect for Fall.  The color just makes me feel like bundling up and drink some hot tea.  It dries to a matte finish to emulate the look of leather, hence Leather Luxe, but if you want to showcase the glitters you can always put a top coat over.  In the picture above, the ring finger has a topcoat on top and it transforms the nail polish into something more complex (although there’s a reflection in that picture also.  Too shiny!)

It wears fairly well.  After the 3/4 day there was substantial wearing at the tips.  So if you want your nails to last longer, you might have to topcoat it but if you change your nails every few days, it should be fine.  Also, after the nails experience some friction, whether you brush your hands against something, after a while the nail polish kind of buffs itself into a shiny finish, so it doesn’t stay matte for very long.

I don’t have anything else like this in my collection, and if you’re looking for a matte collection this might be interesting for you.  Hopefully you can still find it among the other awesome goodies that Sinful Colors is putting out this Holiday season!

Until our next adventure,


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