Swatches + Review: Wet n Wild Fall 2013 Limited Edition Trios – Grays Matter, Camera Obscura & Silent Era Film

I’ve had these for a while now (about a month) and I’m finally getting around to talking about these. I’ve used most of the colors on my eyes for different looks. I found these at KMart when we were still looking for some supplies for our Halloween costumes. There was an entire full display of these at the beauty section. But if you can’t find the display, look at the regular Wet n Wild section, sometimes they stuff these trios in with the permanent line either in front or behind existing slots, which is where I found them the second time I went to KMart (to look for another item).

Fall 2013 WetnWild limited edition trios

from (L) to (R) : Grays Matter, Camera Obscura, Silent Era Film

Of these trios, I really only wanted Camera Obscura and Silent Era Film but since there were only three of them, I decided to get all three. Another $2.99 isn’t going to bankrupt me, and I would most likely regret not completing the collection after I can no longer purchase them.

greys matter swatch

Gray’s Matter Swatch
Retails: $2.99

I thought, based on the name, that Grays Matter would have more grays? But it actually has more greyish purples, which might be more practical.  I would’ve loved it if it had varying shades of grey, I think that would make for a great smokey eye.  It comes with a light grey, purpley-taupe color, and a darker violet.  Of the three, this one is probably the weakest.  The eyelid color is a little patchy and can skip and the pigmentation of this trio isn’t amazing.  I looked at other trios in my collection to see if any of these purple repeat, and they are all different.

camera obscura swatch

Camera Obscura swatch

I was most excited for this one, probably because I love any mid-tone brown for blending and that peachy color looks pretty for a softer look.  I must be super tan or something cause the lighter colors barely show up on my arm.  I have medium skin tone, but I digress.  The last color of this trio is a blackened blue.  I had to build up the black-blue color before it looked even and I thought it looked similar to the blue from the “I Got Good Jeans” trio.


(L) to (R) : Swatch of Camera Obscura vs. Swatch of I Got Good Jeans

Hopefully you can tell from this picture (but it’s definitely more evident in person) that the crease color from Camera Obscura leans more black-based than blue rather than the crease color from “I Got Good Jeans” which is a darkened sparkly blue that leans a little black. So I would not say they are dupes, although they probably look very similar on the eyes.

silent era swatch

Silent Era Swatch

Silent Era comes with a light pink highlight, a coral-pink color and a medium grey.  The pigmentation on this trio is okay as is the same for all the trios.  I didn’t find the Beauty Army trios that interested me, so I can’t compare this to the coral trio that came out in that collection.  I wasn’t too blown away by the pigmentation on these.  I’ve used a combination of colors for different eye looks.  I tried to do a grey eye look using various colors from these trios and the look came out a little dull.  I used the lighter grey from Grays Matter all over the lid and the medium gray in my crease and I wasn’t too pleased with the look.  It looked rather chalky on my eyes.  I also used the light peach and coral color on my lids and blended it out using the camel/brown color which also didn’t show up too well on my lids.

All in all, these trios lack the bang of normal Wet n Wild trios that I’m used to but I think I could use these in conjunction with other shadows to create a look, I just can’t simply use any one trio on my eyes, it just doesn’t provide enough pigmentation to show up that well.  I think they are good base colors or for layering colors on.

Since Wet n Wild trios are so inexpensive, if you see any you’d like to pick up, I’d say go for it.  But they aren’t anything to go crazy about or something you MUST have.

Until our next adventure,



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