Mickey’s Halloween Party 2013

We love going to Mickey’s Halloween Party, it may be one of the things we look forward to every year (if we get the chance to go). Actually, this time of year is our favorite time to go to Disneyland. We always have to see what the new Halloween themed cake inside Haunted Mansion Holiday is and we like trying all the themed treats available at the park. Then it goes into Christmas decorations near November so it’s a great time to be at Disney.

Mickey’s Halloween Party is lots of fun for family and friends.  You get to go around getting candy (legit candy and healthy snacks) from Disney and take pictures with lots of characters who rarely come out, like the Villains or character dressed in Halloween costumes.  We just like going around and taking pictures of everything and looking at what costumes other families go in.  It’s lots of fun and I definitely recommend it for everyone.  If you do go, GO IN COSTUME! You won’t feel out of place, I promise, even though it’s early October.

Last time J and I went together was 2009(?) and we went as Red and Yellow M&Ms. We took some oversized shirts and cut out an M and sewed it onto the shirts to make up the body of the costume. I went last year with my friends and we went as different animals. This year J and I wanted to make our own costumes and we wanted to go as Plusle and Minun this year.  It’s the first time we’ve ever made “complicated” costumes, but it was more an adapted look anyway.

plusle and minun

Plusle and Minun (for reference)

We knew generally what we wanted to do.  We wanted a flared skirt with some lining at the bottom to differentiate our colors.  We managed to find shirts that were the right color that fit our needs so we bought those.  Then we went to Joanns to get some fabric to match the color of our shirt and some colored fabric for our skirts and ears.


Fabric, ribbons, headbands

It didn’t take very long to make, we made our belts, ears, armbands, and we also had hair clips.  You can’t tell in this picture though.  But we bought some wigs to complete our look and this is what we are going as this year for Halloween!
storm troopers plusle and minun

Surprisingly, a handful of people recognized us as Plusle and Minun instead of just bunnies, which we kept getting if they didn’t know what Pokemon we were going as.  In the Mickey and Friends Parking lot, a little girl kept saying “Bunnies! Bunnies!” so it definitely was really awesome when people shouted “Hey! It’s Plusle and Minun!” or “Really good costumes of Plusle and Minun.”  It was super fun to make and I’m looking forward to next year so we can make new costumes.  I don’t have any ideas as to what to go as though, any suggestions?

Some things if you are going this year

1. Go in costume! It doesn’t have to be Disney related though many people dress up as characters, but just dressing up in general makes the experience so much better.

2. The park is open 3 hours before the Halloween event starts.  Which means, if Mickey’s Halloween Party is from 6-11pm then you can go at 3pm to get in some rides, etc. if that’s what you are going for.  They will give you a wristband so you can stay in the park for the special event.

3. The rides are open until the park closes for the event.  That means you have 8 hours (if you go at 3pm) to explore the park.  You can divide your time going on rides, watching the parade or fireworks, getting treats, or taking pictures with the various characters.  Most of the villains come out and some Mickey and Friends characters are dressed in a Halloween costume or theme.

4.  Parking is included in your ticket, so park at Mickey and Friends Parking Structure.  Just show the cast members your printed ticket.

5. There are treat stations located throughout the entire park and the workers are quite generous with the amount they give you.  If you see something in the middle bins (sometimes they have individual sized granola bars or carrots) don’t be afraid to ask for them.  More often than not, they will give you a small handful of candy plus whatever is in the middle bin.

6.  Just have fun! There are so many things to do, it can be overwhelming (which characters to take pictures with, what treat stations, if you want to see the parade/fireworks) but there’s never a dull moment at Mickey’s Halloween Party!

Until our next adventure,



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