Nails of the Week: Sally Hansen – Goldie Frocks

I didn’t post a Nail of the Week for the previous week, but I have one this time!  It’s unbelievable that I didn’t have a regular gold nail polish in my collection.  I have the Milani 3D that has holographic glitters and more bronze colors, but nothing just straight up gold.  I guess it was a good time to be in the market for a gold nail polish because I went to Target and displayed right in front of the makeup aisle was Sally Hansen Goldie Frocks.  I had no idea at the time this was the new limited edition designer collection for Fall 2013.  I was simply in the market for a gold polish and I’m glad I picked up this color.

Sally Hansen Prabal Gurung 2013 – Goldie Frocks

Goldie Frocks mattified with Sinful Colors Matte topcoat

Goldie Frocks is a yellow-toned gold nail polish and the formulation is really smooth.  I used three coats for full opacity and it has worn really well.  I did experience some minor chipping on my index finger after the 4th day of wear which isn’t too bad.  Aside from that one nail that chipped, the others had minimal wear at the tips.  It still looks relatively fresh aside from the bottom where the nail has grown out.  I like the nail polish by itself, but I thought it would look cool if I mattified it down.  I quite like it matte, it reminds me of how gold would look airbrushed on plastic toys (if you know what I mean, like if there was an Ironman toy and they brushed gold paint on top) where it still has the inherent metal shine but not the gloss.

I keep forgetting to do bottle shots.  My blogging skills are slipping but I digress.  I think I picked this up at Target for around $6.50 so not too shabby.  I’ve been on a nail polish kick recently and I just keep buying more and more colors I realize my collection was lacking.  I went back and picked up the Rose Gold color from Sally Hansen as well.  I haven’t tested Gold Roses out yet, but I’m excited to use it.

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