Nails of the Week: Orly – Angel Rain

I placed an order with Ulta a few weeks back to take advantage of the free rollerbag with perfume purchase promotion. It came at a good time because I bought a birthday gift for my friend and to make the order $50 I added in some nail polish also. Orly was on sale for some reason and while browsing through the site, I came across Orly Angel Rain which I kept eyeing.
angel rain

I don’t have anything like this in my collection and I’m really glad I bought this.  It is part of the Orly Surreal collection for Fall 2013 and I got it for $4.99!  It’s a hard color to describe, it’s a blue iridescent color that flashes magenta and green.  The opalescent characteristic of this polish reminds me of blue-toned beetle wings and Rainbow Fish.  I kept thinking it looked like Rainbow Fish, so I tried my hand at nail art (image below).  The application is pretty smooth, but it can leave a little bit of a brushed chrome feel.  I used about 3 coats for full opacity.  This polish actually wore really well.  I had it on for about 6 days and there was minimal wear at the tips.  I think by the sixth day, only one fingernail had slight wrinkling and by that time, I didn’t care anyway since it was time to change my polish.

Orly Haul

From (L) to (R) : Orly Angel Rain, Miss Conduct, Space Cadet

I forgot to do bottle shots of all the polishes I used, and I don’t have a solo bottle shot of Orly Angel Rain.  These were the other two polishes that I hauled from my Ulta order.  I’ve used Miss Conduct and I really like the color and I don’t have anything like it in my collection as well.  It actually reminds me of Milani 3D holographic polishes because of the chunky glitters in it.

Rainbow Fish Nail Art

I wasn’t super happy with the execution of this.  This was the first time I’ve ever tried striping tape, and I forget the gap that it makes between each diamond.  In my mind, the diamonds weren’t as separated.  I should have use silver striping tape and left it on with just color blocked diamonds.  But it was good exposure to striping tape for in case I want to use it again.  Also the edges aren’t as clean and straight as I’d like them to be but hopefully next time it’ll be better.  I wanted to make the rainbow scales look even more iridescent, so I added OPI Beam Me Up Hottie, but it really just got lost in the silver polish anyway.  I’m pretty sure no one noticed, but I still felt so weird having only my left hand painted with “fish scales” and my right hand was all one color.  I wasn’t even going to attempt to paint my right hand.

Until our next adventure,



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