Hair Velcro

Why didn’t I get hair velcros earlier?  They are kind of hard to come by without going to Asia or buying online.  I found a pack of two at a Japanese specialty store.  I think it was kinda expensive, it was a pack of 2 for $6?

Black hair velcro

This style was the first kind I got.  It’s a bigger and wider hair velcro so it works well to keep hair out of your face, and although it’s cutout in the shape of a bow, it’s not that cute.  But it’s okay because it’s functional.  It was pretty expensive at about $3 a piece (darn those international upcharges!).  Anyway I lost one so I ended up purchasing different hair velcros on Amazon because I figured it would be cheaper.

hair velcro

red polka hair velcro

This always reminds me of Minnie Mouse!

These are much cuter than the plain black ones.  There are various sellers on Amazon, but I bought a pack of 5 for around $5 which isn’t bad.  My sister kept bugging me to buy hair velcros because I lost one (which I wound up finding later) so I finally purchased a pack of 5 from Amazon without knowing she already bought it also.  So now we have 10 hair velcros, plus the original 2 we had.  That’s more than enough to last us!

The seller gave us different colors, so I have black, red, and purple.  I gave some to my mom to use and she really likes it.  She’s amazed as to why it keeps hair away from your face and just sticks in there.  You can see that the polka dot ones are smaller than the plain black ones so in terms of keeping hair out of your face, the large black ones are better (more surface area).  I don’t have a lot of hair to begin with so the polka dot velcros are fine and they work fine.  Plus they are cute, so you can leave it in your hair if you want to go out.

I really like using these around the house to keep hair out of my face or when I apply makeup in the morning.  It’s really helpful to pull back your hair up without having any imprints that bobby pins or clips may leave behind.  You can slide the hair velcros out and your hair won’t crimp or crease.

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