If you looked carefully at the Disney swag from the D23 post, you could see that we picked up the Ariel Kiss the Girl perfume while we were at D23. I’ve been eyeing the rollerball because I thought the bottle was really pretty (the prettiest of the 3) but I didn’t want to commit to buying it without smelling the scent first. It was perfect that there was a Sephora booth at D23 with some Princess merchandise for people to buy.

Little Mermaid Rollerball

Kiss the Girl Rollerball
Retails: $19

I obviously liked the scent enough to buy a small rollerball.  I won’t review it because scents are hard for me to describe and I think everyone’s preference is different.  Kiss the Girl smells really oceanic and clean.  I really like clean scents that smell like fresh laundry so I’m glad that I didn’t hate this smell.  I also own the full-size of the Cinderella So This is Love perfume.  That one sometimes give me a slight headache if I apply a little too much, but thankfully the Ariel one doesn’t give me that problem.  I don’t have Jasmine’s because I wasn’t too keen on the rollerball being a perfumed oil and I didn’t love the scent enough to purchase the full-size.

Anyway, enough rambling.

Until our next adventure,



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