Swatches + Review: Unlock the Spell Lipgloss – A Rose is a Rose (Belle)

This is the only lipgloss from the Unlock the Spell collection that I picked up.  Honestly at this point you are only buying the glosses because you want the character of your favorite princess(es), at least that’s how I’m purchasing them anyway.  There isn’t anything special about the colors after Wickedly Beautiful debuted with the glitter glosses.  I would say the Cinderella and Aurora ones are the most ‘unique.’  I would have passed this up if Belle wasn’t the princess (she’s my favorite!) featured on A Rose is a Rose.

A Rose is a Rose Retails: $14.95

A Rose is a Rose
Retails: $14.95

But like all things, after I tried it on I would have to say out of the 4 that I own, this one is probably the most pigmented.  Ariel’s is pretty but it doesn’t offer much color payoff.   A Rose is a Rose is a dusty rose with warm golden glitters.  On the lips it feels pretty light and non-sticky although the glitters are slightly gritty.  I don’t find it particularly annoying, but I know some don’t like the feel of grittiness.  It doesn’t bother me so much.

A Rose is a Rose Swatches

I don’t know why the lighting is so off with the first picture, I’m sorry.  Still figuring out a lighting system.  Anyway, you can see that A Rose is a Rose provides a good amount of pigmentation although it is still sheer as you can see my natural lips peeking through.  However on top of mauve, medium pink, or rosy lipstick it’s quite pretty.  But if you wanted a more casual look you could just throw this on top of bare lips for some color.  it’s an easy color to wear.  I wouldn’t say it’s a stain, but that’s what the gloss looks like after about 1.5 hrs of wear.  It’s definitely lost most of it’s pigmentation but it leaves behind a sheen.

Here’s a fun fact for you.  I don’t know how true it is, this is only what the sales person at Vault28 told me, but he asked me if I ever tried the Disney Beautifully makeup before and what I thought of it.  I told him I already owned products I was just picking up the Belle lipgloss because she’s my favorite.  He asked me how it compared to high end products like Chanel or Mac (which is mid-range) which I didn’t have an answer to as I don’t own high-end makeup.  He told me that the parent company that produces Chanel makeup also makes Disney Beautifully products also so the quality of the makeup is up there.  I thought that was a fun tidbit to know.  Again, not sure how accurate it is or if he was just trying to sell me products but you know take as you will.

Out of all the products, I think the lip glosses are probably the most overpriced for what it is.  There are so many better drugstore alternatives (Revlon!) for the color selection and price point Disney offers.  But it’s Disney and I’m a sucker for stuff like this so even though they only slap stickers on to a lip gloss tube, I’ll still probably buy the Mulan, Jasmine, and Merida one when Fiery Spirit comes out.

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