Forever21 Haul

I always take advantage of free shipping, no minimum for Forever21. They periodically have it when it’s a holiday or just as a promotion. Generally I always take this opportunity to buy some accessories from them because it’s easier than trying to find it in stores, but when they offered it the last time I bought a few clothing items instead.  I hauled this around the end of July, early August right before we went to the D23 convention.

Mickey Sweater, Marvel Bodycon

Mickey Studded Sweater Retails: $24.80
Marvel Comic Bodycon Dress Retails: $15.80

I love their Disney character sweaters.  I have two that I bought previously and they are perfect for the chilly days at Disney, or if you’re like me they are perfect for everyday.  I saw the Studded Mickey Sweater and knew I had to have it.  I’ve never bought clothes online before.  I’ve always been apprehensive about not being able to try it on before purchasing clothes, but I took a chance because I already had other sweaters from Forever21.  When I received it, it was a little loose-fitting for me, but I like the slouchy feel of it.  I think I can work with it and I like the studded detail.

I’ve been eyeing the Marvel Bodycon dress when they emailed me about the new Marvel collection.  I browsed through it, and only this dress had caught my eye.  I wasn’t sure if I really wanted it and I never took the time to find it in stores, but I caved and bought it this time.  I thought that since it was black and white, I could wear it casually without it looking too comical (the irony of it).  I was a little sad that Iron Man is nowhere to be seen on this dress, but I pretty much assumed he wouldn’t be on it based on the close-up view online.  It fits perfectly and it’s long enough for me to wear as a dress.  I’m pretty short at 5’1 and this dress comes mid-thigh, but I’d probably wear some leggings under it.  I tried to link it on the website, but it’s gone(?) You might be able to still find it in stores.

I know both these items almost come out to $50 so I didn’t really need to use free shipping no minimum if I just added some rings along with my order, but it’s okay.  It beats trying to find these specific items in stores.

Until our next adventure,


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