D23 Expo Recap

I think D23 being our very first expo ever, it went successfully.  There are things we can do differently next time, but for the most part we had a lot of fun just wandering around and seeing what panels and booths there were.  The highlight of the expo was definitely being able to see snippets and trailers of upcoming live-action movies and seeing Angelina Jolie wasn’t too shabby either ;P.

For D23 2015, I think I want to purchase two-day passes.  One day was not enough time to browse everything and still make it to the panels for everything we wanted to see.  By the end of the Live-Action panel in the morning, half the day was gone so next time I want to browse the booths for one day and visit the shops and the other will be a panel attending day.

mickey mouse through the decades minnie mouse through the decades #minniestyle

mickey mouse couture neck

Showcasing Mickey Mouse couture jewelry

I only have a few pictures from the convention because I forgot to charge the camera battery after going to 1D so by the time we got there and took a few pictures, my camera died. Fail.  There was so much to see there and we got lost.  The worst was probably getting lost.  It really isn’t hard to navigate around the convention, but I think we were both overwhelmed after coming out of the Marvel panel and it being out first time, we were so confused as to where we were.  But the next time we go, we’ll be seasoned professionals.

disney swag

all our Disney swag

While we were there we saw people lining up for the Disney Store and both J and I were confused why there were so many people waiting for the Disney Store.  Then we went into the Disney Dream Store thinking it was what everyone was waiting in line for, but it wasn’t.  The Dream Store was just basically the Disney Store from the malls, and the Disney Store at the expo was the Limited Edition Disney Store that everyone was waiting for.  If that was confusing, don’t worry.  We were equally as confused.  We waited in line for 2 hours to get into theLE Disney Store because we were curious as to what merchandise they were selling and we also wanted the Ariel tote they gave as a gift with purchase.  From what the workers were saying, the 2 hour wait was the SHORTEST for the day and people waited at least 4 hours at one point trying to get in.  Let me just say, we thought we were Disney fans but we got to the expo and felt like fish out of Disney waters because other people knew so much more about everything and collected all sorts of amazing things (Princess dolls, pins, you name it).  I will say those Pixar mugs (they’re stackable!) and the Pixar shirt might have been worth the 2 hours we waited because they are simply adorable and I can’t wait to use my new cup and wear the shirt!

Until our next adventure (and expo!),



2 responses to “D23 Expo Recap

    • Yeah it was crazy! I didn’t expect that many people to be waiting and attend in general. Haha it was insane, so for next year I’m going to be more prepared to wait in lines. Haha

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