Nails of the Week: featuring Sephora by OPI – Beam Me Up Hottie

After I bought Beam Me Up Hottie, I wanted to do a space theme for my nails and I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do. I think I could have improved this and made it look even more galactic. I might re-visit this space theme later when I think of something a little more uniform.

Space Nails

“Imagine that! It never occurred to me to think of SPACE as the thing that was moving!”

For this manicure, I painted my nails with Milani – Midnight Satin which is a dark navy jelly nail polish.  I didn’t want to use black so I opted for the next best thing.  Since it has a jelly finish, I wanted to try doing a jelly sandwich using Sinful Colors Diamond Lust – Shine on Me for my index finger, although you probably can’t tell from the photo.  I didn’t like how it came out, so I applied a layer of Sinful Colors Diamond Lust – Scene Stealer overtop to make the jelly sandwich look less ‘dirty.’  I liked that combination a little more, it made my nail look more like a galaxy or a cluster of stars.  It was my first time trying to do a jelly sandwich.  I’ll try it again using a lighter jelly polish, I think it would look cuter that way.

Beam Me Up Hottie was a little difficult to use.  You definitely have to fish for the glitters to come out and even then sometimes it won’t adhere to my nail.  I had to let the clear nail polish drain a little bit before applying it to my nail or else it would just be a big glop of clear nail polish and one glitter.  Although it’s a little hard to use, I think the glitters look pretty cool.  I don’t know if it was worth me hunting it down, but for $4.50 I really can’t complain.  You can really see the holographic shine of this polish from the photo.

Space Nails Bottle Shot

What I Used

Navy – Milani Midnight Satin

Silver – Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Celeb City

Glitter Topcoat – Sinful Colors Diamond Lust Scene Stealer; Shine on Me , Sephora by OPI Beam Me Up Hottie

Not pictured: Hard Candy Black Tie Optional

Until our next adventure,



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