Mini Target Haul – Milani and Studio Tools

Target is probably my kryptonite. Every time I step foot into that store, I leave with a basket-full of items that I don’t need but somehow justified into purchasing. I always check the makeup sale section to see what is on clearance, and normally the Target closest to me isn’t well stocked, but this time they still had a decent selection of Milani things on sale.  I didn’t get this 50% off like other people did, but hey 30% is good enough for me! I couldn’t pass up on getting some more Milani products.

mini haul - Milani and Studio Tools

mini haul – Milani and Studio Tools

I’ve always wanted to try the Milani Shadow Eyez Jumbo Pencil, so I’m excited that I get that bad boy on a slight sale.  You really cannot have enough champagne colors in my book.  And I will also buy anything turquoise so I couldn’t pass on the Liquif’eye pencil either, especially since I’ve heard really good things about that line in general.  I know J had it in black at one point, but she denies she ever bought it.  I already had one of the Studio Tools crease brush, but I bought another one because you can never have enough brushes and I’m terrible with washing them.

I used the Aqua Liquif’eye pencil when I went to the One Direction concert and it held up pretty well the entire time I had it on, so I’m really liking it.

I really need to stop buying so much stuff!  I already have way more products that I can use up in both mine and J’s lifetimes but I just put in another order for Sephora ( another weakness of mine).  *dies*

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4 responses to “Mini Target Haul – Milani and Studio Tools

      • Haha perfect excuse 😀 Although I think I’ve heard that Sephora will retroactively give you stuff you placed an order a few days before an event happened if you bring it up with them, so maybe if you asked they would give you the double points?

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