Swatches + Review: Disney’s Ariel Collection by Sephora – Storylook Palette Volume 3

These Storylook palettes are always such a good investment.  Now I’m regretting not getting Cinderella’s palette–my collection is incomplete! Anyway, I was a little disappointed with the Part of Your World quad, but I’m really enjoying the Storylook palette.

Ariel Storylook Palette

Ariel Storylook Palette
Retails: $55

I’ve already mentioned how much I love the packaging for Ariel.  I like how they made it look like the sheen from abalone shells, it’s gives a nice ocean impression.

Ariel Storylook Palette Shades

This palette is like the Cinderella one where it has 20 shadows, instead of the Jasmine one where it included two face powders.  Although I think they could have easily included individual blushes for the Ariel collection, but I digress.  These eyeshadows are also pigmented and soft like its predecessors.

All the following are photographed in sunlight without primer.

Ariel Palette Rows 1 & 2Ariel Palette Rows 3-4

Excuse the dirtiness of the palette, I just got done playing with it and swatching before I took these photos.

ariel swatch row 1

(L) to (R) Blue Lagoon, Scuttle, Flounder, Sebastian, Flounder

ariel swatch row 2

(L) to (R) Seashells, Les Poissons, Caspian Sea, Your Voice, Unfortunate Souls

ariel swatch row 3

(L) to (R) Atlantica, Fins, Sick of Swimmin’, Ursula, Sha La La

ariel swatch row 4

(L) to (R) Triton, Wanderin’ Free, Jetsam, Sea Witch, Treasures Untold

There’s really nothing I can say about this palette, I love it.  The greens in here are much more pigmented than in the Part of Your World quad.  I actually used a combination of ‘Fins’ and ‘Caspian Sea’ to make the green from the Part of Your World quad more vibrant.  These shadows stay on the eyes for quite some time.  I wore ‘Scuttle’ and ‘Les Poissons’ all over the lid with a little bit of ‘Sea Witch’ in the crease to work without primer, and my eyeshadow didn’t crease throughout my 8 hour shift.  Let me just say how that is a miracle in itself.  Almost all eyeshadow creases on me (darn my oily lids!) but after I came home, my eyeshadow still looked fine.

I also am in LOVE with ‘Sick of Swimmin.’ You can see from the swatch the flash of duochrome it has.  It flashes a little bit of blue and purple and it just looks so beautiful.  I used it on top of ‘Jetsam’ and tried it on top of ‘Flotsam’ (which look fairly similar on the lids) and it made the eye look even more special.  It kind of amplified the duochrome and made it really pop.  I would say ‘Unfortunate Souls’ is really one of the only shades that gave me trouble when I swatched it.  It took a few more swipes before I could get the color to show.

I’ve had so much fun using this palette and I can see why they are so popular.  Make this palette, a part of your world.

Until our next adventure,






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