Swatches + Review: Unlock the Spell Eyeshadow Palette – L’Amour Mauve

All products were paid for with my own money.

I guess I should say I was a little underwhelmed with this collection being a summer release.  I was thinking more bright purples and yellows but Unlock the Spell has more mauve colors.  However, the performance of the makeup is really good.  I really do like the eyeshadow palette.  I just didn’t expect it to have a dark purple theme.

I was expecting a little more from the packaging, but I should have known it wasn’t going to change drastically from collection to collection.  The palette from Unlock the Spell has prettier packaging with the gold inlays and the turquoise flowers.

(L) L'Amour Mauve quad (R) Provincial Mademoiselle nail polish

(L) L’Amour Mauve quad (R) Provincial Mademoiselle nail polish

L'Amour Mauve

L’Amour Mauve Eyeshadow Quad

Retails $27.95

Retails $27.95

These shadows are so soft! My sister took it out of the packaging and dropped it which broke a piece off the purple shadow.  Didn’t even take her own advice of being careful not to manhandle the palette while trying to take it out of its snug packaging.  Anyway, L’Amour Mauve is exactly what the name suggests, mauve/dark purples.  This is definitely more of a night-time palette, which would be my only complaint because sometimes I feel it’s too sultry for work, but I still use it for work occasionally anyway.

Swatches of L'Amour Mauve

Photographed in sunlight

It definitely has the versatility to go from day to night if you just use the shadows with a lighter hand.  There are two plum/mauve purples in this quad, a warm-toned purple and a cool-toned one.  The color payoff is a little better than the Enchanted Kiss palette, all the colors are really pigmented and I like that they included a taupe in here.  It is an amazing all-over lid color, although I feel the star of the quad would be the highlight shade.  It really brightens the eyes.  All the shadows have a satin finish to it.  Just like the Enchanted Kiss quad, these shadows are quite long-lasting and stay on for at least 8 hours.

Bottom Line

I really enjoy this quad as the eyeshadows are buttery and intensely pigmented.  I would use it more for a night-out rather than everyday, but that balances with the Enchanted Kiss palette which is more work appropriate.  And although I thought Unlock the Spell would feature brighter summer colors in the quad, I like how well put together this quad is.  I’m still looking forward to Beautifully Disney’s last release Fiery Spirit, but I won’t make predictions as to what colors will be.

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