I really wanted to love Eos Lip Balms


Eos lip balms have been all the rage the past few years and it’s easy to see why. The Eos lip balms come in a variety colorful and adorable egg shaped containers. They claim to be 95% organic and 100% natural and free of phthalate, parabens, gluten, and petroleum. I was also able to pick up a limited edition Alice in Wonderland lip balm set last year which had the cute Mickey indentation (as pictured above).

Unfortunately for me, I have discovered that I am allergic/intolerant to Eos!  My first Eos lip balm was part of an Easter basket and I was extremely excited to try it since I heard so much about them. I loved the smell but I felt like the balm wasn’t as hydrating and did not last as long as my Chapstick Moisturizer lip balm. Within a few weeks of using Eos I noticed that my lips were getting very flakey  and little red bumps formed and cause my lips to sting. At first I thought I must have gotten a sunburn or windburn from the weather, then I decided to stop using the Eos and just applied Vaseline until my lips returned back to normal. When I tried to reuse the Eos, the same reaction happened again and that’s when I realized that I must be allergic. I never usually react from any cosmetic product until Eos, so it’s been really hard for me to accept.

Has anyone else had this reaction with other lip products? I compared the ingredients of Eos to other balms that I’ve used in the past and did not find anything different so I’m really confused as to why I’m having this strange reaction to it. I tried yesterday, one last time, to test to see if I was really reacting to the Eos (because I really wanted to love it) and this most recent time, the reaction occurred almost immediately after applying Eos. I guess it’s time to throw in the towel. Fortunately for my sister, she’s not allergic to Eos and she inherited all my lip balms, including all 3 of the limited edition Alice in Wonderland lip balms.

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5 responses to “I really wanted to love Eos Lip Balms

  1. Lousy stuff. Buy Buddha Balm if you haven’t tried it yet. It is honestly the best lip balm in the World!!! All natural so wont hurt you.

  2. That’s so weird and sad that you’re allergic to them 😦 Yay for your sister though 😛
    I agree that they’re not as moisturizing as some other lip products, but I love them for non-winter months.

  3. Exact same thing happened to me. I was never allergic to anything, but the first time I used EOS, i developed weird bumps on the outline of my lips just a few days into it. I stopped using it, then my lips became normal in a week or two. A month later, I tried using it again and the bumps started to appear again! So I guess it has been confirmed that EOS is really the culprit. Like you, I found it difficult to accept that I’m allergic to it since I was never allergic to anything before and considering that everyone’s raving about eos.

  4. I think I’m allergic too. The outer edges of my lips are dry, flaky and red. It’s a shame because I love the favors and cute container.

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