We’re Back! Swatches + Review: OPI Couture de Minnie Nail Polish

Hi everyone! Sorry about the unplanned hiatus. With school practicum, graduation, my friends wedding, and license applications, May was a crazy month. But I’m finally back in the west coast and once again reunited with Disneyland. As an apology, we’re planning our first give away for our blog, so stay tuned for that.

In all the craziness I was able to pick up a few polishes from the new OPI Couture de Minnie nail polish collection.


Easy summer look

I wasn’t originally going to get Chic From Ear to Tail because it seemed like a plain pink color, however I saw some swatches and decided to get it anyway.  Boy, am I glad I did because the color is adorable.  It looks creme at first glance, but it actually has really small silver glitters in it.  The glitters are not very densely packed in the polish.  The one thing about this polish though is that it drags a little.  In this picture I have two coats on, however the next day I decided to use three coats for full opacity to cover up some of the remnant drag on my nails.  Other than that, I’m pretty please with this polish, it’s quickly become one of my favorite colors.  I just wish the application was a little smoother.

For the accent nail, I wanted to use a mint green to play up Chic From Ear to Tail.  I think the two colors actually compliment each other well, and looks a little bit like candy.  As you can see from the picture that you can still see my nail even after 3 coats of Hard Candy Gummy Green.  This polish definitely cannot be worn alone.  I feel like there are too many layers of glitters if you do that and it doesn’t look as nice.  I redid the accent nail using Revlon’s Minted as a base and then layering Hard Candy’s Gummy Green on top and the result turned out better.  I thought this was going to be in vein of Illamasqua’s speckled nail polish but it’s not the same.


I’m really enjoying the liquid sands polish so far. Honey Ryder didn’t disappoint and Magazine Cover Mouse has lived up to my expectations. I love the color red and gold glitters in this polish, I feel like I’m wearing Dorothy’s ruby red shoes on my fingers. The glitters really sparkle in the light. Two coats is all you need for full opacity and the polish lasts quite a long time even without a base coat. Usually my nail polish can’t last an 8 hour shift at work but Magazine Cover Mouse performed admirably with just a bit of wear around the bottle of my fingers. The great part is I can just add another coat of the polish and it looks good as new. Bottom line, out of all the polishes in this collection, Magazine Cover Mouse is a must have.

Until next time,



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