Back to the East Coast Haul

I’m not sure if it’s still technically Iron Man Week but I picked up a few goodies today. I recently flew back to the East Coast for my graduation ceremony. After 4 years of flying back and forth between the East and West Coast, you would think I would be a better packer. Well you would be very wrong, I am an awful packer. I simply despise packing! Besides it also gives me an excuse to go out shopping in the area. My school is located in a small town so there’s always some really great deals and clearance items in the stores here.

Remember in my previous haul post when I said I would pretty much buy anything with Iron Man on it? Well here’s some more Iron Man stuff! I got this lunch bag from Subway, it also came with Iron Man sticker earrings! HAHAHAHA. And I didn’t need a magazine but how could I say no to RDJ (he looks so handsome).


Love. This. Man.

I picked up a 4-pack of Revlon Nail Polish from Ross (retail $6.99) because my sister lent her Minted polish to her friend, soon after Minted was replaced with Jaded. Since then my sister has been on the constant search for her long-lost Minted polish. It also works out well for me because I wanted to paint my nails a neutral color for my Practicum presentation tomorrow and Peach Petal is calling out to me. I also picked up a Sinful Colors polish, Moss Have, from the local Dollar Tree, it’s a metallic light/pastel green. There’s also Mickey Mouse cotton swabs, totally unnecessary but it’s hard to control my impulses.

From left: Minted, Peach Petal, Craving Coral, and Blue Lagoon.

From left: Minted, Peach Petal, Craving Coral, and Blue Lagoon.

Last but not least I bought a new straightening Iron at TJ Maxx for $16.99. It is the Go Styling Iron by Fhi Heat. Has anyone else tried this flat iron? I had previously owned a Revlon ceramic flat iron, which I loved dearly, but I think I lost it the last time I flew back and forth (see what I mean by bad packer?) I thought I’d try out something different. This flat iron is nice because I can choose the temperature setting, it goes from 140°F – 410°F. I really like the sleek design and it runs through my hair smoothly. Overall I’ve enjoyed this flat iron so far, I’ll have to test it out a little longer to form a stronger opinion.

GO Styling Iron by FHI Heat

GO Styling Iron by FHI Heat

Has anyone else tried a GO styling iron? If so, how did you like it? What is your favorite flat iron? Also, has anyone tried any of these nail polishes and how did you like them?

Until our next adventure,



4 responses to “Back to the East Coast Haul

  1. Do the Mickey Mouse cotton swabs have like cottony mouse ears too or something? Or is it just the tin that’s themed? Adorable either way 😀
    I have a Conair straightener that I love dearly. Ironically though, it works much better for curling my hair than straightening it…

    • hahah i wish, although it defeats the whole purpose of a cotton swab. they are special though because the stick part is black so it looks different. I haven’t tried curling my hair yet with the new iron i haven’t warmed up to it completely yet

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