SWATCHES + REVIEW: OPI Liquid Sands – Honey Ryder

I knew I wanted to do Iron Man nails to get ready for the premiere on May 3, and I’ve been looking for a color similar to his new Mark XLII armor. It’s a shame that I wasn’t able to find the same color in a metallic finish since that’s closer to what the Iron Man suit looks like but the color is spot on.  After searching high and low, I think I’ve found the color in OPI The Bond Girls Collection Liquid Sand – Honey Ryder.  I don’t buy the whole ‘textured’ trend (I think it’ll phase out quickly) but out of all the textured nail polishes I can accept liquid sands the most.

OPI the Bond Girls Collection - Honey Ryder

OPI the Bond Girls Collection – Honey Ryder

Honey Ryder is a pale, gold color exactly what I wanted for my Iron Man nails.  The application is really easy and the polish doesn’t streak.  It could easily be a one-coater, but I applied two for good measure.  It feels really sturdy, if that makes any sense and a little like pyrite.  It dries pretty quickly.  I normally like to wait at least half an hour before I resume every day life (ie. changing clothes, using zippers, digging into your purse) but this nail polish set within the first 20 minutes of application.

Close up of Honey Ryder (2 coats) Photographed in sunlight

Close up of Honey Ryder (2 coats). Photographed in sunlight.

I’m pretty pleased with my first Liquid Sand experience, and now I’m excited to get the OPI Couture de Minnie when it comes out and if I can get my hands on it.  Liquid Sand looks better than other texture nail polishes I’ve seen, it seems more practical to wear for everyday.

Now the real question is how I’m going to do nail art over a textured surface.  I’ll save the result for another post. 🙂

Iron Man 3 (Mark XLII) Collectible Bust

Iron Man 3 (Mark XLII) Collectible Bust

Until our next adventure,


ps. Does anyone have $8,500 to donate to me? I think I need this life-size Iron Man suit in my life. 😉


9 responses to “SWATCHES + REVIEW: OPI Liquid Sands – Honey Ryder

  1. That color is so pretty! I’m with you on the textured nail thing. It just irritates me when my nails aren’t smooth and shiny. If you’re willing to do like 3+ coats of topcoat, you can get those sand polishes to be smooth.

    • yeah I searched everywhere for a color that looked like the Iron Man suit, I was so sad when it was a liquid sands polish, not exactly conducive to nail art.

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