Disney Villains Week: Cruella de Vil Inspired Nail Art

If she doesn't scare you no evil thing will.

If she doesn’t scare you no evil thing will.

Cruella de Vil, Cruella de Vil...

source: disneyscreencaps.com

Our last Villains post for this week!  We’ll be celebrating the release of Iron Man 3 coming up.  We probably won’t have time to post every day because we are going on a mini vacation to SF tomorrow.  I would have posted this up sooner, but I made an Oreo Cheesecake that I wanted to include in this post, but it didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted so I will probably make it again another day using the right sized pan.  My cuticles are totally messed up because I have not been taking care of them, so sorry for any janky looking nails/fingers.  My sister kept complaining about my baby sized nails.  True story:  I had my nails done for my high school prom and when they were putting on the fake tips they had to use regular pinky nails for all my fingers except my thumb, which they used an index finger nail tip.  Anyway, we hope you enjoy this Cruella inspired look!

cruella polishes

What I Used
White – Essie Blanc; Cácee White; Orly White Tips
Black – OPI Onyx; Cácee Black
Red – Essie Really Red
Sinful Colors Matte Finish

Hope you enjoyed.  Stay tuned for Iron Man week we are so stoked!

Until our next adventure,


ps. here’s a comparison of my sister’s nail (normal size) versus my nails (baby size)

Comparison of our pinky finger. M's Essie Really Red, J's Orly Fowl Play

Comparison of our pinky finger. M’s Essie Really Red, J’s Orly Fowl Play


6 responses to “Disney Villains Week: Cruella de Vil Inspired Nail Art

    • thanks! you’re so nice. i’m really happy with how the nails came out. it’s exactly like how i wanted it. my sister has really steady hands and she used the corner of the brush and wiggled it to make the dalmatian spots! haha and yes! baby nails unite! my sister said she needed to use a magnifying glass to paint my nails. lol!

  1. These are great, you captured her perfectly!
    And I WISH my nails were thinner. Sometimes I even try to fake it by not bringing my nail polish all the way to the edges of my nails. They make your fingers look more slender!

    • dude, what are you talking about your fingers are so slender! my sister and I were just talking about how nice your nails are (and your boyfriend’s nails 😉 )

      • Haha thanks! I’m glad that you think so. Seriously though, your nails look awesome. When you said you haven’t been taking care of your cuticles, I was like damn, I rub coconut oil into my cuticles every night and they don’t even look as good as yours most of the time.

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