Disney Villains Week: Top 5 Disney Villain Songs

There’s more to being a Disney Villain than destroying the lives of the poor hero or heroine. The most memorable villains also have deliciously evil songs. Here’s a list of our top 5 most beloved wicked Disney Villain songs.

#5: LeFou and Gaston – Gaston

Oh, Gaston, you handsome self-absorbed fool. He’s so self-centered he doesn’t even sing about his revenge plan like the other villains, he just decides to sing about his own muscles and taxidermy wall mounts.  This song made it on the list because it is pure entertainment.

#4: Dr. Facilier – Friends on the Other Side

Friends on the Other Side is like the voodoo evil version of Genie’s Friend Like Me.  It’s a good twist to a classic Disney villain song.  There’s a whimsical tune that jazzes up the song.  It has humor and also introduces the characters and moves the story along.  The funnest part would have to be his dancing shadow assistant and he ends the song with green fireworks and his hollow mask.

#3: Ursula – Poor Unfortunate Souls

Ursula truly missed her calling. She would have been such a successful saleswoman, instead of an evil sea witch. Ursula convinced the naive Ariel into trading her voice and her soul for a shady deal and a pair of legs.  On top of that, Ursula sealed the deal while singing one of Disney’s most memorable villain song.

#2: Judge Claude Frollo – Hellfire

Hellfire is probably the creepiest villain song Disney has ever and will ever make. The conflicted antagonist, Frollo, sings about his uncontrollable lust for the gypsy, Esmeralda (which is a problem since he actively persecutes all gypsies). Tony Jay provides a powerful performance and perfectly portrays Frollo’s mixed emotions. Hellfire is actually half of a song, the other half being Quasimodo’s Heaven’s Light. Heaven’s Light and Hellfire intertwine together. Quasimodo warms your heart with his innocence and love; Frollo then provides a chilling performance about his self-percieved lust and sin.

#1: Scar – Be Prepared

It was really a toss up between Hellfire and Be Prepared but what placed Be Prepared at the #1 was the overall production of the song. Scar has his own hyena chorus (“We’ll have food! Lots of food!”), dancing/marching hyenas, green flames, and shifting earth.  It’s just a big elephant graveyard celebration for the new king.  When I think of an epic villain’s song, this is it.  Who else starts his song with a plot to kill his own brother? This guy.

What are your favorite Disney Villain songs? Leave a comment and share it with us!


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