My beloved Mickey Mouse iPhone 4 case

Mickey Mouse case

I found this phone case, at Best Buy, November of last year and I love it so! I get compliments on my phone almost every day. I’m very prone to dropping my phone and iPhones are notorious for shattering. The case is soft, bendy, and rubberized and has saved my phone from imminent death many times.  The rubberized surface is also useful because my phone moves around a lot less in the car. The flexible ears doesn’t get in the way of anything and they actually help me find my phone faster.

The only bad part of this phone case is that it doesn’t fit the phone snuggly, and sometimes my phone slips out of the cover when I shove it in my purse. Another thing is that due to the rubbery texture, it tends to collect lint and fuzzy particles throughout the day.

The main reason I’m writing this post is that I’ve been trying to find this case again to replace my current case. The Mickey ears have taken a lot of abuse and there’s a tear slowly growing at the underside of each ear. iPhone 4/4s cases are slowly becoming extinct due to the new iPhone 5 and I have not been able to locate my case in any Best Buy (cries).


So this is my small tribute to my dying iPhone case. I love you, man. Please hang in there for a little longer.



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