Swatches + Review: Disney’s Jasmine Collection by Sephora – Storylook Eyeshadow Palette Volume 2

All products in this review were paid for with my own money.

A whole new world, a new fantastic point of view! That’s how I feel about this Storylook Palette Volume 2. It’s not perfect there are a few colors that I wish had a little more pigmentation; however, for twelve eyeshadows plus a bronzer and blush it’s worth every penny.

Disney's Jasmine Sephora Collection - Storylook Palette vol 2

Retails: $55

First of all, the packaging is amazing! The cover of the palette like a book and very similar to the Cinderella Storylook Palette. The laser cut detail is a nice addition and makes the palette more appealing. The makeup actually slides out through side of the cover like drawer.


One of the reasons I did not purchase the Cinderella Storylook Palette Vol. 1 was because the colors were cooler and compliments fairer skin types. I was excited to find out that the colors in the Jasmine Palette are warmer and fits better with my yellow undertones, but I’m sure these colors would look just as amazing on any skin tone. An added bonus is bronzer and blush, which was not included in the Cinderella palette.

All the following are photographed in sunlight without primer.




Like the first palette, the colors in Jasmine’s palette were all derived from colors in the movie. Disney/Sephora did a really great job at providing a good spectrum of colors that compliment each other. There are many ways you could play around with these colors to make a look. My favorite colors include: Trust me, Cosmic, Rajah and Arabian Sunset. The most disappointing colors are Ali Ababwa and Blue Oasis, both of these colors are not very pigmented and I really struggled to get some color for the swatches. The matte cream shadow in the Enchanted Kiss quad is much better. Overall, these eyeshadows feel smooth and blend easily with other colors and other make up brands and the color selection is very unique.


The bronzer has a slight satin finish with finely milled golden sparkles and the blush is a berry color also with finely milled golden sparkles. The glitters are not too overwhelming and add a beautiful finish to the skin, both are also very blendable to compliment each other well. Also a word of warning, be careful with the blush application, it’s pretty pigmented!

Bottom Line: Hop on your magic carpet and grab this palette! You will not be disappointed. This palette may induce continued singing of “A Whole New World.” You have been warned! If you guys picked this up, what do you think about the palette?

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