Swatches + Review: Disney’s Jasmine Collection by Sephora – Magic Carpet Ride Quad & The Palace Jewel Compact

All products in this review were paid for with my own money.

We were SO excited when we learned that Sephora was teaming up with Disney to release three limited edition Princess collections.  The first to be released was the Cinderella collection and unfortunately the only item I picked up was the So This is Love perfume.  I hadn’t anticipated that the collection would take off like wildfire and sell out so quickly.  I initally also wanted the compact but at the time I couldn’t justify spending $20 for a mirror, boy do I regret that decision because now I can’t get it!  There was absolutely NO hesitation when it came to The Jasmine Collection, I saw the products and immediately fell in love.

The Palace Jewel Compact

The Palace Jewel Compact from Disney's Jasmine Collection

The Palace Jewel Compact from Disney’s Jasmine Collection
Retails: $20

I wasn’t going to repeat my mistake with Cinderella’s mirrormageddon.  I made sure I got my grubby hands on the Jasmine compact and I do not regret it one bit.  It is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL compact with gold filigree detailing and a view of the Palace behind it.  There is a substantial weight to the compact and it feels luxurious and well-made.  I haven’t used mine yet, “[it’s] mint in the box, never been opened!” – Toy Story 2.  But in all seriousness, the only times I’ve taken this puppy out was when I first bought it and once more when I took this picture.  I should use it, but it’s just so pretty I would die if I lost it or it scratched.  It’s sold out on the Sephora website, but last time I went to the Sephora store at Downtown Disney, they still had the compacts in stock.  Get your hands on one now, if you haven’t already!  You will not regret having this treasure.

Magic Carpet Ride Quad

The packaging of the Magic Carpet Ride Quad

The packaging of the Magic Carpet Ride Quad is so pretty and has attention to detail

Magic Carpet Ride Quad from Disney's Jasmine CollectionRetail: $30

Magic Carpet Ride Quad from Disney’s Jasmine Collection
Retail: $30

I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a teal eyeshadow that wouldn’t break the bank, was good quality, and the exact shade of teal I wanted–doesn’t lean too green or too blue.  I almost cried when I saw that the Magic Carpet Ride quad included an absolutely stunning peacock teal.

Swatch of Magic Carpet Ride. Photographed in sunlight

Swatch of Magic Carpet Ride. Photographed in sunlight

What the Jasmine collection provided that the Cinderella one didn’t was that these colors suit the yellow undertones of my skin fantastically (which is why we went bat crazy buying all these products).  Although these colors are a little more cool-toned purples, it doesn’t give off that icy look that the Cinderella collection had.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve swatched and played around with the Cinderella quad every time I went to Sephora and the colors are pretty.  It’s just that the Jasmine one suits me more.  It comes with a pale pink highlight, purple-taupe lid color, eggplant purple crease color, and peacock teal.  I’ve used this quad for my eyeshadow a couple times now and I love that it provides versatility to change up your look.  The shadows are a dream to apply and feel buttery.  I definitely think that it’s worth the $30 price tag, the shadows are beautiful and the quality is great.  As much as I enjoy the Wickedly Beautiful collection, I feel if you are going to spend money on a collection, the Jasmine one is more worth your money.

Bottom Line: Don’t think twice about picking up items from this collection!  I’ve gotten so much use from the eyeshadow quad and palette (review of that to come, it’s deserving of its own post).  Everything we’ve purchased from this collection is definitely shining, shimmering, splendid.

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5 responses to “Swatches + Review: Disney’s Jasmine Collection by Sephora – Magic Carpet Ride Quad & The Palace Jewel Compact

  1. I love that compact it is gorgeous! I’m excited to see what the next princess collection is.

    • it is! i’m too scared to use it. haha and i’ve been hearing rumors that it’ll be the little mermaid, if it is i’m going have to save up starting now!

      • I heard that as well! If it’s covered in mermaids I have to buy it lol.

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