First experience with OPI gel nail polish


I’m a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding this weekend, so naturally I took this occasion to get a manicure. The only other time I’ve gotten a manicure was for Prom which was many years ago. I was also eager to try out UV cured gel nail polish, which I heard was wonderful. I opted for a coral/orange color since I’m a little obsessed with coral right now and I wanted to choose a bright color for Spring (forget matching with my pale pink bridesmaid dress). So far I’ve really enjoyed this manicure! This color is gorgeous and my nails are very sturdy. My only concern is that you have to put your hand under a UV light in order for the nail polish to cure. I put my hand in for 60 second intervals per coat for a total of 4 minutes/hand (base coat, two coats of polish, and top coat). I can’t imagine this being good for your skin in the long run. Since I get a professional manicure once every 10 years I think it’ll be okay.

That’s it for my short post, I have a LONG weekend ahead! I’ll update this post with how long the polish actually lasts.

Happy Easter and until our next adventure,



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