Squirt Happy Turtle Cupcakes

When I’m not spending all my free time at Disneyland (and when I’m feeling particularly crafty), I love baking.  And one place I love browsing for cute craft ideas is Disney Family.  Seriously, if you’ve never looked through the website, you should! Whenever holiday season rolls around, I like looking through their recipes.

When I came across this Squirt Happy Turtlecakes recipe, I knew I had to make it!


Squirt cupcakes fit for any occasion! Photographed during the evening

Of course mine aren’t as cute as the ones on the Disney website, but I tried! I baked chocolate cupcakes (though you can bake whatever flavor you’d like) and decorated it accordingly.  The spearmint leaves were hard to find, and I needed to get them from a candy store.   My mom likes to cut corners when I’m trying to bake.  She refused to buy mini chocolate chips just to make Squirt’s eye, so I melted dark chocolate to paint them on the gumdrop.  I think I made Squirt a little too big, so maybe instead of Squirt cupcakes I made Crush ones? (“You, Mini-Man, takin’ on the jellies” – Finding Nemo) Next time, I think I’d make the cupcakes smaller so Squirt can sit fully on top and look cuter.

I brought these to share with my coworkers and they were a hit! It’s also a fun recipe to get the kids involved.  They can help assemble the pieces and then taste the fruits of their labor.

I’m feeling the baking mood.  I should look for my next creation!

Have you baked any Disney inspired treats?

Until our next adventure,



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