Review: Disney California Adventure Spring Fling Wilderness Explorer Egg Hunt

Disney California Adventure hosted another Easter egg hunt at the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail.  Of course after enjoying the first hunt, we went to see how the second one was.  This limited time event is running from March 25-March 31, 2013.

Wilderness Explorer Map with 6 activities and 6 hidden easter eggs locations

The hunt was organized a little differently than the Vinylmation Easter Egg Hunt.  There were two parts to the Spring Fling Wilderness hunt: 1. locating the 6 hidden easter eggs around the trail and solving the puzzle (seen on the right) 2. Completing the 6 activities listed below.  You’ve earned yourself a merit badge for finishing each activity.  The merit badges given out were stickers.  We unfortunately don’t have one because we didn’t want to fight children for them.

The Vinylmation Easter Egg hunt was definitely more worthwhile, mainly because you received a keychain afterwards (but that’s also because you had to pay to participate).  The Spring Fling egg hunt was free as long as you had a ticket to the park.  It might have been a combination of hot weather and crowdedness, but we enjoyed the Vinylmation one more.  However, if you have kids, it might be a good idea to take them because from what we observed, the children really enjoyed themselves and had a blast doing the tasks and looking for eggs.  The Redwood Creek Trail is actually a nice “playground” of sorts for kids.  They have tire swings, rock climbing, and log slides for them to play around with.  It could be a much needed break for the adults.

All in all, it’s a good family bonding event to do with your kids if you have time to spare.

Just a look at how crowded it was at Disney California Adventure today.

It's a HOT time to be at Disneyland right now. Be aware of the crowds!

It’s a HOT time to be at Disneyland right now. Be aware of the crowds!

PS. Check out our review below!

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