Swatches + Review: Wickedly Beautiful Eye Shadow Quad and Lip Glosses

All products in this review were paid for with my own money. Disney does not know of my existence. 

Oh boy, where to start? As with anything there’s some good things and some not-so-good things about the new Disney brand high-end makeup collection. Ironically, the first generation of Disney’s makeup line, Wickedly Beautiful, is a play on good vs evil, princesses vs villains, and light vs dark. The makeup line consists of 2 eyeshadow quads, 8 lip glosses, and 8 nail polishes. Due to the very limited size of my wallet, I could only afford those items that caught my eye; however, my heart still yearns to collect them all. For a review of the nail polishes please check out this previous post. With that said, let’s start with the good side of things then delve into the dark side of the moon Disney’s Wickedly Beautiful line. Also check out our video review!


Right to left: Mysterious Mermaid, Enchanted Slumber, Stroke of Midnight
Retails $14.95 each (ouch!)

I can’t speak for all the glosses in this review since since we were only able to pick up 3 glosses from this collection. Ariel is my  all time favorite Disney princess so regardless of what color they chose for her I would have gladly given money for it. Mysterious Mermaid is a summery, peachy, coral sheer gloss with micro gold glitters. Personally I would have thought that the Ariel gloss would be red to reflect the color of her hair but I love coral/peach colors so no complaints here. Unfortunately of the 3 glosses Mysterious Mermaid is the weakest in performance. I don’t mind the sheer color; however, the gloss feels a bit too watery for supposed “high-end” makeup. The coral/peach color is also not very unique and can be readily found in any drug store makeup aisle. All in all, the Mysterious Mermaid just did not give enough bang for the many bucks I paid for it.

Princess Aurora (Enchanted Slumber) and Cinderella (Stroke of Midnight) are pure glitter glosses with no base color. Before you start thinking, “Glitter glosses? What am I, a tween?” The glitter in both of these are finely milled and wear beautifully on the lips. Trust me, you will look at Enchanted Slumber and wonder, “where have you been all my life?” Enchanted Slumber consists of warm-toned gold glitters while Stroke of Midnight consists of white, frosty, pearlescent glitters. Both glosses feel stickier than Mysterious Mermaid, similar to honey. All the glosses feel slightly gritty but not unbearably so. There’s no discernable scent or taste from any of the glosses.

Photographed in sunlight

Photographed in sunlight

Can I just say how weird it is to take pictures of just lips?! It’s hard to photograph more sheer lip glosses. Especially since I have pretty pigmented lips with just plain lip balm. The glitter glosses can really bring focus and shine to your lips giving them a more plump look! Mix and match your favorite lipsticks with these glitter glosses, they match with almost any color.

Photographed in Sunlight

Photographed in Sunlight

Bottom Line: Mysterious Mermaid flops, and Enchanted Slumber is truly enchanting. Stroke of Midnight ranks in the middle.

Enchanted Kiss Eyeshadow Quad

Princess inspired eyeshadow quad

Enchanted Kiss: Princess inspired eyeshadow quad
Retails $27.95

Disney released 2 eyeshadow quads for the limited edition Wickedly Beautiful line. Continuing the theme of good vs evil, the Princess quad consists of warm neutrals and the Villains quad is cool smoky colors.

Photographed in sunlight without primer

The Enchanted Kiss quad consists of a matte cream, satin coral/pink, matte light brown and matte dark brown with green and gold glitter. The eyeshadows are not intensely pigmented (apparently in order to compliment all skin tones) but are buildable and blend easily. Personally, I like being able to control my eyeshadow pigmentation. I mostly wear makeup to work and I don’t want the colors to be distracting or overwhelming. The shadows are soft and do not feel chalky. There is very little fall out with the exception of the dark brown color. After an 8 hour shift at work, the shadows do not crease but do fade (like any makeup would).

Bottom Line: Good but not great. It’s a good everyday use palette but these neutrals are most likely already included in other palettes or quads. For the price you’re getting a decent eyeshadow quad but you’re pretty much paying for the Disney brand and its limited edition factor. I’ve been getting a lot of use out of this quad but it’s nothing magical.

Overall, I truly enjoyed this makeup line and I greatly look forward to the Belle line coming out in the Spring. I would like see Disney make a few minor tweaks for the next collection.

1. Packaging!!!!!!!!!!! Look up Sephora Disney Princess Collection and you will see beautiful high quality packaging. We recently purchased the Jasmine Magic Carpet Ride Eyeshadow Quad for $30 and it’s AWESOME. The Enchanted Kiss palette is $2 less and you downgrade from a sturdy plastic container to cardboard. It’s as if Cinderella’s fairy godmother had given her a choice between a pumpkin or a pumpkin coach for $2 more, which would she choose? C’mon Disney! The Princesses on the glosses are actually stickers. If that sticker falls off, you will instantly lose all Disney magic.

2. PLEASE allow swatches!!! Disney keeps all the Beautifully makeup in plastic displays. If Disney is truly going to tag the “high-end” name to the makeup they should act like all other high-end makeup counters and let people test the product out. It’s hard to commit all that money to a product that you hope will perform to your standards.

It’s WAY past the Stroke of Midnight and this Mysterious Mermaid must get some Enchanted Slumber. Till next time,



8 responses to “Swatches + Review: Wickedly Beautiful Eye Shadow Quad and Lip Glosses

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  4. I like the helpful info you provide in your articles.
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    Best of luck for the next!

  5. Thank you for review! I definitely needed it to help me make a decision with my purchase.

  6. Awesome review! I was debating whether or not to purchase these during my last trip at Downtown Disney, but it was hard to fork over $20+ WITHOUT having a sample swatch since Tren-D had the displays in a plastic case by the products.

    It’s good to know the Sephora collection is worth the money, but I’m pretty sure that I am gonna purchase at least 1 Beautifully Disney item during my next trip ;).

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