Review: Smackers to-ki-o treats

You know you have a Disney addiction when you see children’s play makeup and feel a maddening urge to purchase it.  That’s what happened to us when we saw these adorable Smackers to-ki-o treats being sold at Rite-Aid, knowing full-well that they were probably terrible quality (and we were right!).  The cute asian-inspired packaging called to us and like fools we purchased a few items to keep in our collection.


The collection comes with a couple eyeshadow duos, 4 glosses, 2 body mists, and a heart-shaped compact.  We purchased a couple glosses and one duo.  The Rite-Aid we went to only had these two glosses, though I would have been interested in the other two as well.  It was a good thing none of these items broke the bank because they aren’t the best quality, but look at that packaging and tell me you could resist it’s charms!

Comes with frosty white and pale pinkRetails: $4.50

Comes with frosty white and pale pink
Retails: $4.50

As you can probably tell from the photograph, the quality of the duo sucks (for lack of better words). Save your money! Unless you’re Disney freaks like us and really want the packaging.  Otherwise, these two colors work for highlighting your brow bone or inner corners, but not much else.  If you want something you can get use out of, I suggest picking up the glosses instead.

From left to right: Vanilla Ginger Cake & Strawberry Mochi Parfait
Retails: $4.00

These glosses are actually pretty decent.  Not the most pigmented in the world, and for the price it’s pretty expensive but they aren’t terrible.  The Strawberry Mochi Parfait has a slight pink tinge to it, but don’t expect these to scream color.  They smell REALLY yummy though, like vanilla birthday cake.  The consistency isn’t very sticky and sit pretty comfortably on the lips.  I can layer it on top of lipstick and have it last for a couple hours.

Don’t run out and purchase these products, they aren’t worth it.  But they would make cute gifts for little princesses girls who want to play around with makeup.  And for the big princesses, the only worthwhile product would be the gloss which are decent at best.

For swatches and more, check out our youtube video!

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