Making a Disney photobook on a budget

I was the historian for 2 years for one of my school’s organization. As historian, I was tasked with making a scrapbook at the end of the year. Many of you most likely know, making a scrapbook is insanely time consuming (especially with endless exams and school events) and insanely expensive ($5 for stickers, what??) So the next year I was given the great advise of making a online photobook via Shutterfly. I made that bad boy in 4 days and it looked amazing! Since then, the historians after me have continued with the making photobooks online. Moral of the story is photobooks good, scrapbooks hard.

My sister and I love taking pictures at Disney, it’s probably our second favorite thing to do at the park (our favorite activity is eating). We can spend an entire day chasing down characters and Disney photographers. The great thing about Disney is that there are photographers almost everywhere, they’re the ones wearing a white shirt, khaki vest and dark blue pants. They take pictures for Disney’s Photopass. The photographers scan your Photopass (if you don’t have one they will provide you one) or your Annual pass and you can then view your pictures online for 30 days. The Disney photographers also pictures with your own camera. In general, we’ve noticed that the pictures taken with the Disney cameras are better positioned and generally the characters have cuter poses but beggars can’t be choosers and we’re always grateful for the pictures the photographers take with our humble point-and-shoot camera. Not surprisingly, the not-so-great thing about the Disney PhotoPass system is the price for pictures, for example it’s $14.95 for two 4×6 prints.


With that said, I would like to one day order a photobook from Disney. Just looking at the high quality padded covers makes my heart yearn for one. However, that day is still far into the future, especially with my $160,000 student loans (cry).


For now, I will stick with the poor-man’s version of a Disney photobook by making them on Shutterfly. If you’re particularly computer saavy and creative, the photobooks can be manipulated to get a Disney theme. As of now, I don’t believe there are any Disney themed albums for Shutterfly, but I have heard that Snapfish provide some Disney themed albums.


Proof of our love of Disney food

At the time I had a coupon code for a free 8×8 photo book so I forced asked my sister to put together one while I was putting together another photo book for my fraternity. If you wait patiently enough there are always 30% or 40% off promotions for the photobooks or merchandise and they always send emails with promotions. In the end, the 23 page 12 x 12 fraternity photo book ended up costing $35 total. On top of that there was a free shipping promotion for all purchases over $30 AND I added the free 8×8 photobook with the order. In the end I got 2 photobooks for just $35. What a steal! 

The front and back cover can be customized.

The front and back cover can be customized

If you love taking pictures, definitely look into making a photo book or two! Shop around for the best deal, I have also heard good things about Picaboo or Snapfish. Also a lot of times when you first sign up for an online photo website they will give you 20-50 free prints!

What online photo websites have you tried? We would love to hear stories/suggestions of what other people have done.

Until next time,



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