Vinylmation “Easter Egg” Hunt

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Just a quick intro to this blog, we’re two sisters that have a slight obsession with all things Disney.  We thought it’d be fun to document our adventures!  On the docket today is the Vinylmation Easter Egg hunt (March 18-March 24) at Disney California Adventures.  It’s a limited time experience where you can look for hidden easter eggs all over DCA and after your adventure you can redeem your map for a vinylmation keychain (pack of 2).  There are 10 locations that cover most of the park and when you find the egg at the area specified on the map you put a sticker onto that spot.  Let the hunt begin!

Vinylmation Egg Hunt map

Vinylmation Easter Egg Hunt map

It was pretty fun to look for the different eggs, most of them weren’t too hard to find.  Only one really stumped us and we employed some friendly help to locate said egg (hint: “the secret entrance is to the left, hidden in the shadows” – Toy Story 2).  It didn’t take very long, albeit we looked for the eggs continuously and didn’t stop to ride any attractions.  However, you don’t have to power through the hunt at all, we just wanted to see what the coveted prize was.


Simba Vinylmation Keychain (retails: $12.95)

When you redeem your prize at Elias and Co., you can choose from 4 different eggs for a surprise or you can ask them for a specific keychain.  They had Donald, Goofy, Tinkerbell, and Simba available for redemption.  Note: you also do not have to finish the hunt to redeem your prize, you can get it regardless given that you purchased a map.  Let’s be real, Disney’s not gonna cheat you out of your keychain.  It’s a pretty nifty prize for doing the egg hunt, you get a set vinylmations with a character and another with random patterns on it.  It’s probably from a collection that they had a surplus of so now they are moving products by giving them out as a prize, so they probably aren’t super rare or anything (we’re not big on vinylmation just yet).  But it is a nice addition to anyone’s Disney collection, whether it’s your first foray into vinylmation or not.  Keychains are always useful and who doesn’t want one in the shape of MickeySimba.

We’ll probably be updating often, there are lots of ideas for posts! The next one will most likely be our review on the new Disney Beautifully line (or maybe we’ll squeeze in a small Smackers to-ki-o treats Disney collection first). Let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see, suggestions are always welcome.  We’re just fans who like trying out new things at Disney and California Adventures (please don’t flame us, we’re not experts! ;P)

Check out our video review

See you soon!



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